Yaay! I completed another Hacktoberfest challenge this year and I’ll get a nice t-shirt with that lovely logo <3 to celebrate it!

Hacktoberfest is a yearly month-long event organised by Digital Ocean to celebrate and support the open-source software community. During October, you can join the event and collaborate on open-source software projects by submitting pull requests (PR). Once you have submitted and being approved 4 PRs, you might get some nice appreciation tokens (i.e. t-shirt, stickers, or plant a tree).

It’s the third time I join the event and every time is really fun! The first time I joined was during a Python Con Brazil, with Pyladies girls, we were working on the Pyladies Brazil website. We were all in the same room, it was so fun - great memories. The following year I joined the event with Felipe and we worked on each other blogs if I’m not mistaken. Then I skipped one year, and this year I worked on one of Felipe’s projects called ScaPi, a game project he created to explain some concepts of multi-threading to students. I created some boards for the game and also got an idea and implemented a whole new module in which you have a user interface to create and edit boards for the game.

Yesterday the PR’s evaluation period finished and I got to select a t-shirt as a prize. Yaaaay! Now I just need to wait until it gets to me. It is always good to be part of those events, to collaborate and to learn. And in the end, to walk around with a nice t-shirt that also serves as a starting topic conversation with people. :)