On this page, you can find projects I’m involved with as of Sunday, 6th February 2022.

On my PhD

  • Writing the Background chapter of my thesis and a paper about my work’s dataset.
  • Recruiting and running study sessions with participants - for data collection.
  • Running statistics on my work’s dataset.

Rest of my life

(When you’re doing a PhD that’s how you classify your life: PhD and the rest)

  • Current self-improvement focus: Being consistent with a daily routine for work and self-care habits.
  • Current books: The silent patient (reread).
  • Some study topics I’m currently interested in are: Design digital planners for iPad. Pixel art for game development. Personal Knowledge Management.
  • Game I’m playing the most: Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  • Last board game I played: Pandemic: Legacy (Season 0).
  • Favorite Playlist: Korean to repeat always
  • Current active obsession: Learn how to use design software like InDesign and Photoshop to create beautiful things.

I got the idea of this page on Jack Baty’s website.