Hello, my name is Annanda. I was born in the Northeast of Brazil (Maranhão), and I lived for many years in Rio de Janeiro.

My father chose my name, and it means bliss: “perfect happiness, great joy”. Who knows me in person will agree that my name’s meaning describes me very well. I love to smile.

I have a degree in Computer Science from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) - the achievement I’m proudest of until this day.

I’m currently a PhD candidate at NUI Galway in Ireland. In my research, I’m investigating how to create a multimodal emotion detection system for children with autism. You can see my publications here.

My first contact with any kind of computer coding was with HTML, around the year 2001.
Around 2010, I enrolled in some courses in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. On that time I did a lot of websites using Wordpress.

I’ve been programming using Python since 2014. During some time, I was very active in the Brazillian Python community: I organised Python and Django workshops, I delivered presentations, I attended several Python Con Brazil and other local Python events. And I was a co-founder of Pyladies Rio back in 2015. I was also part of the Brazilian Python Association’s board (Associação Python Brasil) - that was before starting my PhD.

During my college times, I was an intern in two different industry companies. In the first one, I had an experience with Java web development, dealing with clients, and Ruby web development. During the second one, I had an experience with technical writing and Javascript development. After that, I was an intern in a research centre, working on a European research project. That’s when I fell in love with research and decided to pursue a PhD degree. There, I worked with AI, machine learning and natural language processing. I was also involved in academic writing (paper and report writing), and I had the most amazing coworkers.

I’m married to Felipe, we are together for more than ten years now! He is my favorite human being.

In this blog, I write a bit about everything that I love: books, technology, programming, organising, productivity, photography and any other random obsession I might be hooked into at the moment. I always have at least one active obsession.

To check what I’m doing now, please go to my Now page.